Safety Tips

Trust your instincts. If anything makes you uncomfortable (eg: asking for airtime or pics of you or swearing etc), walk away for your own safety and report the user asap

Choose a non-identifiable screen name and keep it clean - else your are asking for the wrong sort of attention

Refrain from giving out any personal info at the start - stick to first names only and be vague about your address

Don't be in a rush to meet you contacts and don't let them rush you. Use caution and common sense

Keep an open mind as contacts can be selective with the truth about age, weight etc

Don't rely on a photo. It could be an old pic or a pic of someone else.

Pay attention to displays of anger, frustration or attempts to pressure or control you.

When you are ready to take it further, start with a phone call from a private number.

Never leave or go home with your contact you just met.

If you do meet, do it in daylight, with a friend, in a very public place and tell someone where you are going.